About us

The studio of architecture, was founded in by Ing. arch. Tomas Sabin.

Questions are free. We will gladly help you, with the design of your project, to choose appropriate parcel for your construction, material, technology or no selection.

Our designs are a well-balanced combination of functionality and aesthetics in accordance with our client’s requirements.  Our approach is practical, often using surprising solutions.

Cozy spaces, dynamic compositions, inventive ideas are all characteristics of our work, offered in a professional way.

We know from experience that time invested in the design phase can reduce costs for the client in the building and then the on-going running costs of the completed project.

We incorporate experienced professionals on all our projects, so you can rely on the consistency and quality of our work.

sbndesign.sk - funkčná architektúra a interiérový dizajn

authorized architect SKA 2106 AA

Tomáš Sabin

Qualified from the Faculty of Architecture of STU in Bratislava, where he gained rich and valuable experience in the field of architecture and interior design.

In 2008, he decided to establish his own studio of architecture and design.

In 2013 he became an authorized architect. He continues in his profession to this day. Through continuous education in his field, he enjoys all architecture, following the current trends, new concept materials and construction. Always learning for the future.

To this date, he is the author and co-author of many family homes, interiors, commercial premises, cafes, restaurants, offices, apartment buildings, monument restorations and technical constructions.

sbndesign.sk - funkčná architektúra a interiérový dizajn

feng shui consultant

Petra Sabin Wenzlová

In 2008, Petra finished her studies at the Univerzita Komenskeho in Bratislava. With strong tendencies towards art and design, she decided to study feng shui. Graduating from the Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. Petra is currently expanding her knowledge in this area and applying it to our designs.

sbndesign.sk - funkčná architektúra a interiérový dizajn

chief controller


The most important member of the team, who controls every movement.